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The Police Report Not Taken

Not everyone knows that cruelty to animals is illegal. And not everyone knows that children with Conduct Disorder (CD), in addition to their other behavioral challenges, are more likely to engage in animal cruelty than other neurotypical children. What they also don’t know is: all too often, officials don’t seem to know or care themselves. This is a big problem. I’ve heard many stories of animal cruelty over the years, but three stand out.
Portrait of Lillyth Quillan

A Parent’s Story

How do you sum up a lifetime of abuse in 700 words? I don’t think you really can. The abuse didn’t just come from the child I carried for nine months when...
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Anonymous Story

By the time my son was 3 years old he seemed angry very often. And it wasn’t temper tantrum anger. It was cold, simmering anger. When I look at photos...