Personal Accounts

Book Cover: "Confessions of a sociopath"
Confessions of a Sociopath
M. E. Thomas
The memoir of a high-functioning, law-abiding (well, mostly) sociopath and a roadmap—right from the source—for dealing with the sociopath in your life.
Book Cover: "Born to destroy"
Born to Destroy
Winifred Rule
Born to Destroy is a riveting and nuanced journey through the interpersonal dynamics and life course of the female manifestation of psychopathy and the impact the disorder has within the family.
Book Cover: "My mother the psychopath"
My Mother the Psychopath
Olivia Rayne
What do you do when the person you’re meant to trust the most in the world is the one trying to destroy you?
The Psychopath A True Story Book Cover
The Psychopath
Mary Turner
In 2006, Mary Turner Thomson’s world shattered when she discovered her husband Will was a bigamist, con man and convicted sex offender. 
The Psychopath Inside Book Cover
The Psychopath Inside
James Fallon
For his first fifty-eight years, James Fallon was by all appearances a normal guy. A successful neuroscientist and professor, he’d been raised in a loving family, married his high school sweetheart, and had three kids and lots of friends.

Help for Individuals and Families Affected by Psychopathy

Book Cover: "The Kazdin method for parenting the defiant child"
The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant Child
Alan Kazdin
Kazdin shatters decades’ worth of accumulated myths about tantrums, time-outs, punishments fitting the crime, and much more.
Book Cover: "Outsmarting the sociopath next door"
Outsmarting the Psychopath Next Door
Martha Stout 
What happens when the time comes to defend yourself against your own child, a ruthless ex-spouse, a boss or another person in power?
Book Cover: "Almost a psychopath"
Almost a Psychopath
Ronald Schouten, James Silver
The authors draw on scientific research and their own experiences to help you identify if you are an Almost Psychopath and, if so, guide you to interventions and resources to change your behavior.
Book Cover: "Dangerous instincts"
Dangerous Instincts
Mary Ellen O'Toole and Alisa Bowman
As one of the world's top experts on psychopathy and criminal behavior, Mary Ellen O'Toole has seen repeatedly how relying on the sense of fear alone often fails to protect us from danger.
Rules of Estrangement Book Cover
Rules of Estrangement
Joshua Coleman
A guide for parents whose adult children have cut off contact that reveals the hidden logic of estrangement, explores its cultural causes, and offers practical advice for parents trying to reestablish contact with their adult children.
Before It's Too Late Book Cover
Before it's too Late
Stanton E. Samenow
If you sense that your child is seriously troubled, you may feel bewildered, helpless, ineffective. How can you stop your child from throwing away his or her life?

The Science of Psychopathy

Book Cover: "The Fear Factor"
The Fear Factor
Abigail Marsh
Details how deficits in fear contribute to the emergence of psychopathy. For general audiences.
Book Cover: "The mask of sanity"
The Mask of Sanity
Hervey Cleckley
This classic describes the first scientific conceptualization of psychopathy. Vivid case studies. Available for free
Book Cover: "The psychopath, emotion and the brain"
The Psychopath
James Blair et al. 
Details state-of-the-art research on the brain basis of psychopathy and its implications.
Book Cover: "Handbook of Psychopathy"
Handbook of Psychopathy
Christopher Patrick 
Edited book includes chapters from scientific experts on many facets of psychopathy. For researchers.
Book Cover: "Without conscience"
Without Conscience
Robert Hare
Classic, readable description of criminal psychopathy. Written for general audiences.
Book Cover: "Psychopathy A very short introduction"
Essi Viding 
A brief introduction to psychopathy, including how to identify psychopaths.
Book Cover: "Psychopathy, An introduction to biological findings and their implications"
Adrian Raine, Andrea Glenn
Primer on the biology of psychopathy and the implications of biological findings.
Book Cover: "The Psychopath Whisperer"
The Psychopath Whisperer
Kent Kiehl 
Describes the author’s brain research on criminal psychopaths. For general audiences.
Book Cover: "Snakes in Suits"
Snakes in Suits
Paul Babiak, Robert Hare 
Describes how psychopaths function in the workplace. For general audiences.
Book cover "Just Like his Father"
Just Like His Father
Liane Leedom
Your child is at risk if he has biologic relatives with ADHD, addiction or antisocial behavior.