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Heesoo Jung

BA, Forensic Psychology, John Jay College; MSc, Investigative Psychology, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom; GDip, Philosophy, Otago University, New Zealand; MA, Experimental Humanity & Social Engagement, New York University.
Intern Heesoo Jung

Heesoo got her BA in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College in New York and Master of Science in Investigative Psychology at the University of Huddersfield in the UK. Ever since she became aware that people with psychopathy are falsely considered to always be criminals, rectifying this misconception became one of the main goals of her professional life. Experience in various forensic and governmental organizations gave her the opportunity to consider public perceptions of people with psychopathy; she realized that public misunderstanding of psychopathy is pervasive. Recently, she launched a print magazine titled “Contemplative” in Korea.

While working as the CEO and chief editor of the Contemplative team, she is also attending New York University, working towards a masters degree in Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement (interdisciplinary). She joins the Psychopathy Is team aiming to reduce the stigma of psychopathy in Asian cultures, especially in Korea. 

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