Author of two international best-selling memoirs about an experience with a psychopath. Speaker, writing coach & self-publishing consultant, United Kingdom
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Mary is the author of two memoirs about her experience being married to a psychopath.

The first is ‘The Bigamist – the true story of a husband’s ultimate betrayal’ is about her six-year relationship with Will Jordan, a bigamist and con man who actively impregnates women to rip them off for money (published in 2008).

The second is ‘The Psychopath: A True Story’ which details her recovery (physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially) after being freed from his coercive control, the work she had done to try and protect future victims from the clutches of her ex and people like him, as well as what he did after being deported from UK jail back to the USA. It also covers some of the techniques that psychopaths use to manipulate people (from gaslighting/love bombing, to control dramas/language patterns, etc), as well as what makes people vulnerable to them in the first place.

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