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Tina Habchi

Laboratory Manager at INSERM (French NIH); Euro-Mediterranean Master in Neuroscience and Biotechnology Graduate
Tina Habchi

Neuroscience and psychology enthusiast, passionate about bridging the gap between scientific research and the public. Dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of human behavior and uncovering the underlying neural mechanisms that drive it.
As a Laboratory Manager at INSERM (the French NIH), Tina oversees research projects and coordinates lab activities, empowering the team to conduct cutting-edge neuroscience research. The focus on neural circuits of anxiety has allowed her to develop expertise in a range of neuroscience techniques, including electrophysiology, fiber photometry, imaging, and behavioral assays.

She thrives on taking on new challenges and collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the field. By leveraging her skills in data analysis, experimental design, and statistical modeling, Tina has contributed to significant breakthroughs in understanding the complexities of human behavior. Her ultimate goal is to pioneer a new era in mental health, where everyone can benefit from advances in neuroscience. Through her work, she aims to drive awareness, destigmatize mental health issues, and promote evidence-based approaches to create a future where mental health is prioritized and understood.

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