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Valerie Lilley

BS, Social Work, University of Florida; MA, Clinical Psychology, Columbia University.
Valerie Lilley Portrait

Valerie Lilley received a BS in Social Work from the University of Florida and her MA in Clinical Psychology from Teachers College at Columbia University. The majority of her research and research interests center on understanding the cognitive and neuropsychological factors present in psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder. Additionally, she has a plethora of experience within the human services field focusing her work on programs centered on educational reform and equal rights for vulnerable adult populations including mental health reform for individuals living with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Valerie currently serves as an intern with the Center for Forensic and Clinical Psychology in New Jersey. She will assist in administering psychological assessments and providing client advocacy within the field of immigration, civil and criminal cases. Lastly, Valerie is part of the board of directors for WithIntent, Inc. The organization’s main goal is to fundraise and allocate funds to adolescents, in the NYC area, for mental health counseling and treatment.

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