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Story from Phil

My name is Phil, 57 years old. My life is a story of broken hearts and empty purses. A trail of wreckage in my wake that I don’t see hear or feel. 6 failed relationships, 4 abandoned children all with different mothers 2 grandchildren I have never met. One of my grandchildren is older than my youngest son.

By the age of 17, I had been in 17 care homes and 1 set of Foster parents. Sent to Foston Hall detention center age 14.
Risley remand center age 15. Strangeways age 15 for borstal allocation. Everthorpe borstal 15 to 17.
2x 18-month sentence,
1x 12-month sentence,
1x 9-month sentence.

I’ve had around 50 jobs over the last 30 years. Lost count of addresses.

Responsible for a lot of violence short fuse and aggressive. I really don’t care.

Take part in nothing don’t get involved. Don’t have an opinion on anything as anything goes. Hate authorities managers being told what to do all the usual traits. No fear, no regret no shame I enjoy the freedom.

The only thing that changed is not letting women fall in love with me. By avoiding them and paying for an escort instead it’s cheaper and disposable. My life is better without a woman.

I sorted work out by going through a recruitment agency. I can pick and choose where and when I work. Better money as well.

One thing I will say people with emotions get hurt the most.

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